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Tango Class Series

Yale Tango Club offers professional tango classes with world-renowned tango instructors. 

Our current classes are available to Yale students, postdocs and affiliates. We'll do our best to find the most appropriate tango class level for you - reach out to with any questions! 

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Beginner/ Intermediate Level

Potential Topics:

- Ochos, Cross & Fundamentals

- Musicality

- Turns

- Sacadas, Enrosques, Boleos

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Advanced Level

Potential Topics:

- Lapiz, Embellishments

- Milonga Steps

- Backward Sacadas

- Pivot & Balance

- Turn position 1-8

Sign up here to register for our 2024 tango class series

Time: Every Sunday, 2:00-7:00 PM. For detailed schedule for each level, see form above.

Location: 204 York Street, New Haven, CT.

Instructors: Robin Thomas & Dagny Miller (Professional Instructors from NYC)

Eligibility: Currently only available to Yale students, postdocs and affiliates

Class Dates & Pricing: See registration link above.

Questions? email!

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Robin Thomas


Robin is a well-known tango dancer and DJ based in NYC. Robin frequently teaches tango classes at Yale and Columbia.

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Dagny Miller


Dagny is a tango dancer based in NYC, with training as a ballet dancer. Dagny believes no two bodies are alike and will work with you to get 'tango fit' at the right pace.

Our Instructors:

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