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Established 2003

Connecting the Yale Community Through Argentine Tango

What is

Argentine Tango is a global language. It is a partnered social dance that emphasizes connection, movement and musicality - the partners dance for each other.
Why do we dance Tango? If you ask us at Yale Tango Club, we'll tell you three main reasons:
An Engaging Challenge -  Enjoy learning a new hobby with both physical and intellectual appeal
Emphasis on Community -  Our weekly events brings together students from all corners of Yale
Meditation in Motion - Enjoy a dance form that will help you discover calmness and inner peace
'Learning tango was so much fun. It was challenging but I got to do it with a great group of people' - YTC Alumni dancing in Hawaii

We Offer

Learning tango requires commitment and good instructions. Our weekly classes and practicas are designed to prepare you for the social dance floor and accelerate your learning. Your dedication will be rewarded!

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